Our breed

Welcome to our breed of the Norwegian Forestcat!

We live in a small town in Denmark called Kirke Eskilstrup. We started our breeding in 2002 with our first Norwegian Forest cat La Foret's Ide. After a few weeks Le Rassy`s Findus came to live ith us. This was the start of our love to the fantastic cat from the North.

We have got a Norwegian forestcat education: Norsk Skovkatterings logo

In our breeding program we have the goal to breed cats that are healty, have a nice temper, are big and ofcourse be true to the NFO-standard as descreibed. Therefore we also bring our cats to catshows in Denmark and in other countries. In our breeding program we only use cats with a friendly temper. If you have questions to our cats pedigree you are welcome to contact us.

We only have a few litters a year because we want to make the kittens as social as possible. Therefore we spend a lot of time with them in their young life.

Kittens can leave home 12 weeks old, if sold to export they will be older. If you have questions please contact us.

Kittens are dewormed several times.

Kittens will have fresh healtcerfiticate.

They will have vaccinations as requested in Denmark - Ofcourse a kitten sold to export will have vaccinations for that country.

We are members of the clubs: Racekatten, Norsk Skovkattering Danmark, Felis Danica and FIFE.

Helle and Jørgen Hansen
Borgergade 16
4360 Kirke Eskildstup
Tlf.: +45 59 18 03 09
Email: mail@sneskoen.dk



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